No Foot, No Horse

What Exactly Do Hooves Need To Be Strong?

Horse Hoof IllustrationBiotin is a B-Vitamin, and has been shown to improve poor, weak, and thin-walled hooves when fed for three to six months. Biotin stimulates keratin production in the hoof’s laminae and coronary band, which can help strengthen and improve the periople, hoof wall, sole, frog and white line, minimize weak walls and cracks, and protect the exterior hoof wall from moisture damage.

MSM and Methionine are sulfur-bearing nutrients that increase the delivery of hoof-building nutrients and supports the connective tissues inside the hoof wall. Both MSM and methionine work as vasodilators, relaxing blood vessels vital to circulating nutrient rich blood into the small capillaries inside the hoof.

Ensuring your horse has healthy hooves is crucial to keeping your horse sound and performing at his best. The Grand Meadows Grand Hoof original formula was developed more than 20 years ago to help alleviate hoof problems like losing shoes, crumbly hoof walls, quartercracks, and tender or sore hooves.

Grand Meadows Horse Hoof Supplement