Do Horse Calming Supplements Work?

Horse out to pasture

Horse calming supplements help horses who are stressed, nervous, and on-edge feel more at-ease, confident, and focused.

Just like humans and other animals, stress, anxiety, and nervousness can be part of your horse’s personality. Some horses don’t react well to change or simply have a genetic make-up that makes them more sensitive and anxious.

Horse calmers use specialized formulas that can include ingredients such as magnesium, theanine, thiamine, valerian, chamomile, and vervain. These ingredients help support your horse’s nervous system, contributing to a calmer and happier horse.

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Your horse did what? Calming Your Mare

Calming for Horses

So lucky you, you got the crazy mare, you lunge her, lower the carbs in the diet, offer a prayer to various deities and yet when you want her to do the work she acts like she is on crystal meth.

Hmmm how do we fix this? If I had a dollar for every rider who has come up to me at shows over the years with similar stories asking what horse calming supplement to feed, I would be lying on a beach on a tropical isle with a drink with an umbrella in it.

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Calming Nervous Horses

….  trying to get your head around the thorny issue of horse calming supplements.

The air has turned cold and your horse has way too much energy when you ride.  How can you calm him down? He snorts, jigs, and spooks at every little thing, making your mounted work a real challenge, not to mention dangerous!  You’ve already tried cutting back on his grain but that doesn’t seem to help and after all, its winter and he needs the added calories to stay warm.  You dutifully start longeing before you ride to take some of the bucks out and help calm his energy – but, it really doesn’t solve the problem completely.

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