NASC stands for the National Animal Supplement Council. Members of the NASC are manufacturers of animal health supplements and span the globe. Members work together to ensure great quality supplements used for horses, cats, dogs, and other companion animals.

History of the NASC

The NASC was founded in 2002 and Grand Meadows was the only equine supplement manufacturer involved at its inception. Grand Meadows had previously started the National Association of Equine Supplement Manufacturers (NAESM) but prior to 2001 there was little interest from the industry in trying to bring manufacturing standards and transparency into an industry that had none. This all changed in 2001 when the President of AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) called for the removal from sale of all animal health supplements containing unapproved feed ingredients.


A meeting was held in Chicago by a handful of companies and out of that meeting a proposal called Compliance Plus. The goal being to develop a comprehensive quality assurance program and bring it to the key regulatory entities, AAFCO and FDA-CVM (Center for Veterinary Medicine).

The Board of Directors of the NASC, which initially had only 3 members, Nick Hartog, President of Grand Meadows being one of them, worked closely with both agencies and over time the NASC was able to clearly demonstrate that their quality control and safety systems were working and the companies that joined the NASC and submitted to the strict requirements of membership regarding the manufacture of their products were granted regulatory relief. More importantly these new standards provided assurance to consumers that the animal health supplements that produced under NASC requirements were safe and effective.

Role of the NASC in the Horse Supplements Industry

Prior to the NASC, the horse supplement business was rife with poorly produced products, rampant drug claims and little or no oversight. Now a significant percentage of manufacturers have chosen to join the NASC and  horse owners can now have confidence when they see the NASC Seal on a product.

Regulatory Authority of the NASC

NASC ensures that NASC members adhere to the strict guidelines that they have outlined for quality assurance, adverse event reporting, and labeling standards. Members are subjected to an audit every 2 years to ensure that they are following all the QSR’s (Quality System Requirements). These QSR’s continue to evolve as the Board of Directors introduces new elements to meet or exceed any potential new regulatory requirement.

Understanding the NASC Product Seal

Prior to the introduction of the NASC Seal, animal owners had no assurance as to the safety or effectiveness of products. At Grand Meadows for example we tested 32 joint supplements in 1999 to discover that only 2 matched the label claim. When a product bears the NASC seal, it means that the manufacturer is an NASC member and has been audited to ensure they have implemented specific standards. An NASC seal lets consumers know that the product they are purchasing is of the highest quality and is safe for their companion animal.

In order for a company to be able to place the NASC seal on their products, they must demonstrate compliance with the following: they must have a Quality Control Manual that lists standard operating procedures to ensure that they are consistently producing quality product, the company must have an Adverse Event Reporting system in place to ensure that they are able to continually monitor product for any issues, the company must follow all proper labeling guidelines, and products must list any warning and caution statements recommended by the FDA-CVM and by the NASC Scientific Advisory Board. Written evidence that a company is following all the system requirements are required during the NASC audit.

NASC Quality Seal
NASC Quality Seal

Grand Meadows NASC Seal

As a founding member of the NASC Grand Meadows has been heavily involved in the development of these standards and was the first equine supplement manufacturer to earn the Seal. Grand Meadows has consistently earned the highest rating with NASC for compliance with rigorous GMP practices, including strict raw material testing, independent lab tests on all raw materials and finished products, ensuring pure formulas that are consistent from the first scoop to the last. We have exceptionally high standards for quality and our formulas are developed using the world’s most respected nutritionists, biochemists and veterinarians, resulting in safe and effective products that are trusted by horse owners and veterinarians around the world.