NANOFLEX™ – Advanced Joint Support FAQ:
Answers to Your Questions

Answers to Your Questions About NANOFLEX

Learn the facts on horse joint support, biolubrication, and nanotechnology

The buzz and excitement around NANOFLEX is real! We are thrilled that so many of you are using NANOFLEX to ease joint issues for your horses, dogs, and cats.

Even better – we’re getting questions from you about NANOFLEX. You want to know more about how NANOFLEX works, what makes it different from other joint support products, and how to use NANOFLEX.

We hope this NANOFLEX and horse joint support FAQ answers your question about how our new product helps your horse feel their best. If you have questions that we haven’t answered, contact us and we’ll get back to you right away.

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Breaking News: Learn About NANOFLEX™ – The Latest Grand Meadows Joint Product Now Available

Learn about NANOFLEX™, biolubrication, and nanotechnology

NANOFLEX - Joint Support
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We are excited to announce NANOFLEX is now available to buy. NANOFLEX is our latest joint product.

This revolutionary new joint product provides horse, cat, and dog joint health and support.

We sat down with Nick, the Grand Meadows CEO, to get the facts on NANOFLEX. Read on to learn how and why NANOFLEX is a completely new approach to joint support.

P.S. If we missed a question, please comment on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and we’ll follow up with Nick.

Q: Where did the idea for a new joint support product come from?

Nick: Back in 2016 I was giving a lecture to Equine Science students at the Royal Agricultural University in England and heard, from the Head of the Department, about a new joint therapy they had just completed a study on. On learning a little bit more about the product I realized immediately it represented a completely new approach to joint support.

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Horse Joint Health: 3 Ways to Naturally Support Your Horse’s Joint Health

Horse Joint Health

Horse joint health is integral to the overall well-being, health, and happiness of your horse. It is critical that you put your horse’s joint health at the top of your horse care and management priority list.

For most horse owners, joint health is synonymous with arthritis or osteoarthritis. Horse arthritis is definitely a concern in horses of any age, activity level, and health history. However, we also want you to think beyond arthritis and understand the keys to naturally supporting your horse’s joint health.

The sooner you start thinking about and proactively caring for your horse’s joints, the healthier and more active your horse. In this article we explain the facts around horse joints and highlight three ways you can naturally support your horse’s joint health.

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Arthritis and Your Horse

Arthritis and Your Horse

6 Management and Treatment Options to Keep Your Horse Active

The great news is that horses are living longer. The not-so-great news is that a longer life brings a higher risk of your horse developing arthritis.

A long active life places wear and tear on your horse’s joints and can cause horse arthritis. The silver lining to an arthritis diagnosis is that there are many new management and treatment options that can keep you horse active and comfortable.

Our goal at Grand Meadows is to provide you with balanced and clear information that helps you make informed decisions about your horse and their health. However, please do not rely solely on these blog posts for advice – always contact your veterinarian about any health concerns and questions.

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Why Does My Horse Need Joint Supplements?

Why Does My Horse Need Joint Supplements?

Horse joint supplements help your horse age better, move more easily, and reduce the impacts of arthritis.

Regardless of your horse’s age or the type of work your horse does, joint supplements are key in keeping your horse moving smooth and feeling healthy.

While horses are built for movement, we do ask them to do go above-and-beyond what their bodies are designed for. And because we see our horses as powerful and strong – it’s easy to overlook what is going on inside their bodies.

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