Horse Supplements You Can Trust

Horse supplements are scientifically formulated to help support horse digestion, joint, hoof, skin and coat, and immune system health. These science-backed supplements are a specialized formula of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and ingredients that support healthy bones, muscles, joints, and overall health.
It’s important that the horse supplements you use are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. Additionally, verify that the manufacturer is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). The mission of the NASC is to police the supplement industry, ensuring that the animal health supplements produced by member companies are safe and effective.


Horse Joint Supplements

Circles, lateral moves, slide stops, pivoting and jumping are activities that can stress horse joint health. The right horse joint supplement is critical in reducing the risk of these problems. Horse joint supplement ingredients include glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, MSM, chondroitin sulfate, and collagen type II.


Topical Advanced Joint Support

NANOFLEX provides biolubrication to horse joints using unique nanotechnology engineering. This topical horse supplement is absorbed through the skin and into the joint capsule, providing a slippery surface when the joint is compressed – giving the joint a completely new source of biolubrication.


Horse Hoof Supplements

The horse hoof receives nutrients from the blood in order to stimulate growth and repair. Grand Meadows horse supplements can help fill in nutritional gaps, supporting strong healthy hooves. Horse hoof supplement ingredients include biotin, MSM, methionine, lysine, copper, and vitamin B-6.


Horse Skin and Coat Supplements

Your horse’s skin and coat are a window into how your horse is feeling inside and out. A shiny, glossy coat, and skin free from sores and blemishes is a sign that your horse is healthy. Horse supplements may help support those healthy signs. Horse skin and coat supplement ingredients include omega 3 and 6, biotin, heat stabilized flax meal, Diamond VTM yeast, lecithin.


Horse Digestion and Immune Supplements

Healthy digestion and a strong immune system are critical, but keeping the horse digestive and immune system in a healthy balance can be challenging. The modern feeding regimen combined with the stress of training and travel can cause your horse’s digestive and immune system to fall out of balance and potentially cause many serious health conditions. Horse digestion and immune supplement ingredients include zeolytes, sacchorymyces cerevisiae yeast fermentation product, sodium aluminosilicate, digestive enzymes, dried aspergillus oryzae fermentation product, and glutamine.


Horse Calming Supplements

Horse calming supplements help stressed, nervous, and on-edge horses feel more at-ease, confident, and focused. Horse calmers ingredients include magnesium, theanine, thiamine, valerian, chamomile, and vervain.


Horse Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Horse vitamins help support healthy body tissue and energy. They are vital in enabling immune system health, wound healing, healthy vision, growth, fertility, and blood, bone, muscle, ligament and connective tissue growth. Minerals are essential for the construction of your horse’s skeleton and for the maintenance of skeletal and other body functions. Horse vitamin and mineral supplements include key vitamins, minerals, and amino acids scientifically proven to support horse health.