A Grand Meadows Special Interview with horse trainer, certified riding instructor, and Author Lynn Acton

Lynn Reading to Bronzz

Meet Lynn Acton, the author of What Horses Really Want

It is part of our mission at Grand Meadows to connect the Grand Meadows community with experts in horse behavior, wellness, and training. We believe these connections make it easier for everyone to learn about horse heath, wellness, and care.

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Horse Health Care: Get Ready for Summer Weather with these Hot Weather Horse Riding and Care Tips

Hot Weather Horse Riding and Care Tips

Summer might feel like a long way off, but this is the ideal time to think about how best to care for your horse in the hot weather months.

There is nothing quite like being outdoors with your horse in the summer. However, the summer heat can be very draining on your horse and cause a range of heat-related illnesses.

Hot weather puts horses at risk for dehydration, heat-stroke, sunburn, fatigue, diarrhea, colic, fatigue, and a general feeling of exhaustion. Like us humans, it’s important that you take extra precautions to protect your horse from the effects of heat, humidity, and sun.

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Your horse did what?

So lucky you, you got the crazy mare, you lunge her, lower the carbs in the diet, offer a prayer to various deities and yet when you want her to do the work she acts like she is on crystal meth.

Hmmm how do we fix this? If I had a dollar for every rider who has come up to me at shows over the years with similar stories, I would be lying on a beach on a tropical isle with a drink with an umbrella in it.

Here’s the problem – there are a lot of reasons why your horse can present an attitude that is akin to Genghis Khan, when he is having a bad day. Many experienced trainers will adamantly state that it is the owner’s fault, that the horse is not being managed correctly hence the wack job personality. We would agree sometimes that may be the case. Continue reading

7 Tips for Picking the Right Trainer for Your Horse

Beyond anything else, as trainers and guardians of these horses we are so privileged to work with, it is our responsibility to put their welfare above all else. And as Owners and Amateur riders it is YOUR responsibility to “vet” the professionals you entrust your horses to. I have had too many horses come into my program that have been failed by their people. Sometimes out of ignorance but sometimes it comes from a place that has no excuse- greed, impatience, anger and vindictiveness. If you are considering sending your horse to a trainer, a sales barn, etc….please do your homework. I’ve compiled a list of seven things to consider but there are probably(definitely) more. Continue reading

Ready, Set, Show…

The season is upon us and whether you show locally for fun or you’re chasing points to qualify, what you get out of your horse largely depends on what you put in.   While there is no substitute for hard work and training, supplements can be a big part of your horse’s successful program.  The right supplements can help support his health and well-being and tip top health fuels better performance so you can bring home those blue ribbons! Continue reading