Dr. Peter Claydon
“My vet and I both agree that Grand Vite’s comprehensive formula helped keep Remy completing 72 races in top physical condition over his ten year long-healthy career. Remy completed three 3 Tevis Cup 100 mile finishes, all in top condition. I am very grateful to Grand Meadows – they’re undoubtedly a ‘team-player’”.
Dr. Peter Claydon AERC Decade Award
Heather Blitz
“Thanks to Grand Meadows, I know my horses are getting the best possible nutritional and joint support. They work at a very intense level and deserve only the best in supplements my vet and I can find. I really trust Grand Meadows to offer just that! Their impressive amount of research, quality control and proof of efficacy is unsurpassed that I’ve seen in any other brand. Their products have worked so well for so many years and they are heads above the rest!”
Heather Blitz Dressage Rider, Trainer & Clinician - 2011 Pan American Team Gold & Individual Silver Medalist, 2012 Olympic Games Alternate
Allison Kroff
“I have been using Grand Premium Plus for over two years now on both of my grand prix horses. Since I have started using it, I have seen a positive change in both my horses in competition. One of my grand prix horses does not lose stamina by the end of the week and they both have won numerous grand prix throughout the 2012 show season. I will always use Grand Premium Plus for my horses.”
Allison Kroff World Champion Grand Prix Competitor
William Fox-Pitt (GBR)
“I have used a number of supplements in the past but Grand Meadows has surpassed all my expectations. I truly believe that Grand Meadows products have helped my horses to maintain their condition and have enhanced their performance. I highly recommend them.”
William Fox-Pitt (GBR) Multiple Olympic, World & European Gold/Silver Medalist / FEI World Eventing-Ranked #1
Zachary Brandt
“Grand Meadows supplements have transformed my horse’s coat and kept her healthy and therefore allowed her to perform at her best! These supplements can’t be beat in my opinion, they work and at a great price!”
Zachary Brandt 3-Day Eventing Champion
Max McManamy
“The difference in my horses once they started using Grand Meadows was incredible. Fewer vet bills, injections and improved overall soundness.”
Max McManamy USEF Junior Equestrian of the Year 2009, USEA Gold Medal CCI