How to Care for Your Horse in the Winter

How to Care for Your Horse in the Winter

Get advice on winter feeding, drinking, hoof, and coat care

Winter is coming and your horse is relying on you to take good care of them during the cool months. It’s important to remember that even a slight drop in temperature and humidity impacts your horse.

Attention to winter horse care is important regardless of the amount of snowy, rainy, and sub-zero days you experience. Remember your horse should not shiver, lose weight, or stop exercising in the cold months.

Because horses, like all animals, are experts at hiding signs of discomfort, it’s important you as a horse owner know the essentials to winter horse care and are in-tune with subtle changes in your horse’s behavior, coat, weight, and mood.

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A Grand Meadows Special Interview with Horse Trainer, Coach, and Rider Dani Sussman

Dani Sussman - Horse Trainer, Coach, and Rider

Meet Dani Sussman

It is part of our mission at Grand Meadows to connect the Grand Meadows community with experts in horse training, coaching, riding, wellness, and behavior. We believe these connections make it easier for everyone to learn about horse heath, wellness, and care.

This month we have a feature interview with Dani Sussman. Dani is the owner and operator of Aspire Eventing in Larkspur, Colorado. Dani is a seasoned rider, coach, trainer, and competitor.

You may have met Dani over the years at a three-day eventing competition or follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Dani’s passion for and lifelong affair with horses is why we want you to get to know her. She leads by example with her approach to horse wellness, training, and competition.

We sat down with Dani to learn more about her passion for horses, her approach to training, and what gets her excited about coaching.

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What Supplements Should I Give My Horse?

What Supplements Should I Give My Horse?

Learn which horse supplements can help your horse feel their best

There is a lot of information about horse supplements available online and in-person at horse events. In fact, there is so much information out there about horse supplements and horse health, it can be downright challenging to separate fact from fiction.

As you know, our mission at Grand Meadows is to make it easier for you to choose the right product for your horse and keep you focused on what matters most, riding and enjoying time with your healthy, fit horse.

In this blog we provide you with science-backed information about horse supplements and how horse supplements can help support horse joint health, improve hoof, skin, and coat health, provide digestive and immune system support, and help calm an anxious or stressed horse.

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10 Questions with Nick: Get to Know Nick Hartog, CEO and chief horse advocate of Grand Meadows

Get to Know Nick Hartog

You watch Nick’s videos on horse supplements and horse health. You read Nick’s blogs about horse health and wellness. You read Nick’s monthly newsletter where he updates you on the latest.

But how much do you really know about Nick? We sat down with Nick to find out more about the man behind the crazy shirts and learn what drives his passion for horse health and wellness.

We hope you enjoy this Q & A with Nick. Thank you, Nick, for making the time to answer our questions.

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Buying a Horse? What You Need to Know about Buying a Horse

5 Things You Need to Know About Buying A Horse

Buying a horse is an exciting time. There is nothing quite like owning your first horse or welcoming another horse to your family.

However, buying a horse is not a simple experience. Whether you’re an experienced rider looking to buy your first horse or a new rider keen to buy a horse – there are a few key things you need to know and consider.

Above all else – never feel pressured to buy a horse and make sure you’re buying a horse for the right reasons.

If you have suggestions about what people need to know when buying a horse or have a horse buying experience, please share it with the Grand Meadows community on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The more we can support one another with our experiences and knowledge, the better.

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