Your Equine Microbiome and Digestion FAQ

Equine Microbiome and Digestion FAQ

Learn the facts on the equine microbiome and horse digestion Your horse cannot live without its microbiome. The equine microbiome is essential to horse digestion, immune system health, and vitamin synthesis. A healthy equine microbiome is core to your horse’s overall health. In this blog Nick answers your questions about the equine microbiome, horse digestion, […]

Topical Joint Support for Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, and Small Pets

NANOFLEX - Dog & Cat Joint Support

Learn about our topical joint support for your small pets A little less than a year ago we launched NANOFLEX and now we have more NANOFLEX news… We have a new size of NANOFLEX specifically packaged for your small pets. Learn all about NANOFLEX and our newest offering of this ground-breaking non-invasive topical joint support […]

Postbiotics for Horses FAQ: Answers to Your Questions About Postbiotics for Horses

Postbiotics for Horses FAQ

Postbiotics are bioactive compounds created when the probiotics in your horse’s gut consume and digest fiber (prebiotics). Postbiotics are shown to increase blood oxygen level, reduce recovery times from lactic acid accumulation, support intestinal health, and act as a barrier to harmful bacteria. Learn more about postbiotics and horse digestion with this Q & A […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Horse Supplements

Best Comprehensive Horse Supplement

Get the facts on horse supplements from Grand Meadows There are a lot of horse supplements on the market. This makes it difficult to know which horse supplement is right for your horse. To help you choose the best horse supplements for your horse, we put together a series of videos about horse supplements. In […]