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To our valued customers,
As the whole country awakens to the new reality of life under the threat of COVID-19, we at Grand Meadows have implemented strict new protocols beyond the Good Manufacturing Practices and sanitation systems we already have in place.
We are not experiencing problems with our supply chain for raw materials or packaging materials and we hope this will continue. However, we must be mindful that each day seems to bring a fresh set of challenges. We will keep you informed as soon as we anticipate any supply problems that may impact our ability to manufacture and ship our products to you and your beloved animals.
From all of us at Grand Meadows we extend our deep wish that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy. Practicing social distancing and strict personal hygiene practices ensures we’re all coming together to defeat COVID-19.
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Take care. 
Nick Hartog

Horse Joint Health: 3 Ways to Naturally Support Your Horse’s Joint Health

Horse Joint Health

Horse joint health is integral to the overall well-being, health, and happiness of your horse. It is critical that you put your horse’s joint health at the top of your horse care and management priority list.

For most horse owners, joint health is synonymous with arthritis or osteoarthritis. Horse arthritis is definitely a concern in horses of any age, activity level, and health history. However, we also want you to think beyond arthritis and understand the keys to naturally supporting your horse’s joint health.

The sooner you start thinking about and proactively caring for your horse’s joints, the healthier and more active your horse. In this article we explain the facts around horse joints and highlight three ways you can naturally support your horse’s joint health.

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Healthy Coat: How To Give Your Horse a Healthy Coat and Improve Their Health. Learn How Equine Supplements Improve Horse Coat Health and Shine

How To Give Your Horse a Healthy Coat

To ensure a healthy horse coat and improve your horse’s health, you need to pay attention to all aspects of your horse’s health. A balanced diet, good grooming technique, consistent exercise, and regular vet visits are key.

Your horse’s coat can be an indicator of their overall health. Brittle coats, dryness, lack of shedding, and dull color are all signs that your horse is not feeling their best. Your horse should have a shiny glossy coat.

However, before you make any changes to your horse care habits and feeding, consult a veterinarian. It’s important to rule out underlying health conditions such as worms, parasites, and other skin conditions including warts, rain rot, proud flesh, hives, and summer sores.

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Arthritis and Your Horse

Arthritis and Your Horse

6 Management and Treatment Options to Keep Your Horse Active

The great news is that horses are living longer. The not-so-great news is that a longer life brings a higher risk of your horse developing arthritis.

A long active life places wear and tear on your horse’s joints and can cause horse arthritis. The silver lining to an arthritis diagnosis is that there are many new management and treatment options that can keep you horse active and comfortable.

Our goal at Grand Meadows is to provide you with balanced and clear information that helps you make informed decisions about your horse and their health. However, please do not rely solely on these blog posts for advice – always contact your veterinarian about any health concerns and questions.

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How Do Horse Supplements Work With Forage?

How Do Horse Supplements Work With Forage?

Horse supplements work with forage to fill in the nutritional gaps that keep your horse healthy, active, and strong.

Forage (hay and pasture) should form the foundation of your horse’s diet and does give you horse a solid intake of nutrition. However, this means you must be feeding your horse high-quality forage that is free of pesticides, chemicals, and other irritants.

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