Horse Calming Supplements: Fireside Chat Video with Nick

Calming Supplements for Horses

Learn the facts on horse calming supplements Horse calming supplements may help horses who are nervous, agitated, or on-edge feel more at-ease, focused, and confident. Horse calmers use specialized formulas with ingredients including magnesium, thiamine, theanine, valerian, chamomile, and vervain. These horse calmer ingredients may support your horse’s nervous system, contributing to a happier and […]

How To Care for Your Senior Horse: Learn the essentials to senior horse management

Managing the Senior Horse

Learn about common senior horse health concerns and what you need to know Horses are living longer and enjoying a high quality of life as they age. Gone are the days when a 15-year-old horse was old! Now horses are living into their 20’s and 30’s. This is fantastic – but what does this mean […]