Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Horse Supplements

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Get the facts on horse supplements from Grand Meadows

There are a lot of horse supplements on the market. This makes it difficult to know which horse supplement is right for your horse.

To help you choose the best horse supplements for your horse, we put together a series of videos about horse supplements.

In these 17 videos you get the straight-up nitty-gritty details on what works, what is real, and what isn’t real when it comes to horse supplements.

How to Learn the Facts on Horse Supplements

The best way to learn the facts on horse supplements is to watch all 17 videos.

This video series answers all your questions on horse joint supplements, horse calmers, the horse digestion system, hoof supplements, and over-supplementing your horse.

Ideally, you will watch all 17 videos, but we understand – you’re busy and would rather be outside riding your horse.

If you want to pick and choose which Fireside Chat horse videos you watch, here is an overview of each video and what you will learn from it:

How on Earth are You Supposed to Figure Out this Crazy Horse Supplement Market

Fireside Chat Episode 1: Nick introduces the video series and promises to give you more than a dry recitation of the facts on horse supplements.  “I’m going to say some pretty controversial things about horse supplements.”

Why Would You Believe Us

Fireside Chat Episode 2: Learn why you should trust Grand Meadows and Nick Hartog on all things horse supplements. Learn from industry experts on why Grand Meadows is a trusted leader in the horse supplement industry.

Joint or Oh My God Where Do I Start?

Fireside Chat Episode 3: Nick explains how horse joints work and the science behind horse joint health.

Glucosamine & Chondroitin – The Yin & Yang of Horse Supplements

Fireside Chat Episode 4: This video is an interesting discussion on the myths and realities of various equine joint support ingredients. Watch this video to learn about the good, bad and ugly of joint supplement ingredients.

Joint Nutrients Hylauronic Acid and MSM

Fireside Chat Episode 5: Nick digs into the bioavailability of Hylauronic Acid (HA) in oral horse supplements. He explains how MSM acts as a way of enhancing the delivery of nutrients through the body, acting as a sulfur source and co-factor for the activation of many other nutrients.

Joint Wrap Up

Fireside Chat Episode 6: Nick summarizes some of the key elements discussed in the previous joint videos and explains the issue of over-supplementing your horse. Learn why he recommends you choose a horse supplement that meets your horse’s specific needs rather than choosing a horse supplement that promises to do everything.

Digestive System Primer

Fireside Chat Episode 7: It’s no secret that horse digestion is complicated. In this video Nick presents a big picture viewpoint of how horse digestion works and the challenges of horse digestion.

The Horse’s Stomach

Fireside Chat Episode 8: Gastric ulcers are very common in horses – you want to avoid this at all costs. Nick digs into the digestive process and explains how a combination of stress and infrequent feeding are the primary causes of gastric ulcers.

The Small Intestine

Fireside Chat Episode 9: Too many people overlook the importance of the small intestine in horse digestion and horse health. Learn from Nick on why you need to know the facts on your horse’s small intestine and how it functions to keep your horse healthy.

The Large Intestine

Fireside Chat Episode 10: It’s so important that your horse has a healthy and happy large intestine. Nick explains how you can help improve your horse’s digestion by focusing on their large intestine.

Digestion Wrap Up

Fireside Chat Episode 11: In this horse supplement video, Nick explains how different horse supplement products address the three key parts of the digestive system.

Hoof Supplements

Fireside Chat Episode 12: Get the facts on horse hoof health and the importance of having the right levels of key ingredients in your horse hoof supplements. Learn why the ratios of biotin, zinc, and copper are important and the need for patience – since it takes months for the true effect of a good hoof supplement to make a difference.

To Grain or Not To Grain

Fireside Chat Episode 13: Nick talks about the over-feeding of grain and how this has created the chronic problems of colic and ulcers. Fact: horses have not evolved to eat only grain. Learn how to read and understand labels on feed bags so you know what you are actually feeding your horse every day.

Calming Supplements

Fireside Chat Episode 14: Learn when and how horse calming supplements can be used and which ingredients offer the most consistent results. Make sure you listen all the way through to hear about ingredients that can test at shows.

EMS and Cushings Supplements

Fireside Chat Episode 15: How much do you know about Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Cushing’s Disease? Unfortunately, these two conditions are very common. Nick talks about these two conditions and helps you understand what you need to know about them.

Over-Supplementing Your Horse

Fireside Chat Video 16: Nick is so tired of people over-supplementing their horses. In fact, he is downright agitated about the trend of over-supplementing. Learn why Nick is so concerned about horses being fed too many supplementing.

The Really Really Big Fireplace

Fireside Chat Video 17: In this last episode of his Fireside Chat series, Nick explains how using too many supplements together can upset mineral ratios in your horse and cost you too much money. And he proves to you how delicious Grand Premium Plus tastes… (you’ll have to watch to find out what happens)

Making Horse Health A Priority

Grand Meadows was founded in 1989 with one guiding principal – to give horse owners an affordable and extremely high-quality science-backed horse supplement product.

We know the horse supplements industry can be overwhelming and confusing. This is why we’re here – to help you understand the science behind horse supplements so you can make an informed and educated decision.

Ultimately, like you – we love horses. And we want your horse to feel and look fantastic.

We are here for you. Contact us with any questions or comments you have about horse health, horse supplements, and product feedback.