Fall Horse Care Checklist: 7 Horse Care Tips to Remember

Fall Horse Care Tips

Fall is here and this means it’s time to check-in with the essentials to fall horse care. This time of the year is one highlighted by schedule changes, shortened days, and cooler weather.

Your horse relies on you for every aspect of their health and wellness. And because of this we want you to be prepared as possible for the fall and giving your horse everything, they need to thrive.

Keep reading to learn about the 7 essentials to get your horse and barn ready for the fall.

Fall Horse Care Checklist in a Nutshell

Keep these 7 fall horse care essentials in mind as you plan your trips to the barn, veterinarian and farrier visits, and nutritional needs.

  1. Monitor your horse’s caloric intake
  2. Ensure they’re up to date on deworming
  3. Add more hay to their diet
  4. Ensure they have a clean bill of health
  5. Keep an eye out for laminitis
  6. Check for drafts
  7. Make gradual exercise changes

1. Monitor Your Horse’s Caloric Intake

Fall is a transition period for your horse’s diet. If you’re riding more than you did in the sweltering summer, you’ll need to increase your horse’s calories to compensate for it.

However, many horse owners reach a point during the fall when cold weather makes it unpleasant for riding. When that happens, you’ll need to reduce your horse’s feed to prevent them from gaining too much weight.

Autumn is also an excellent opportunity to assess the type of horse feed you give your horse. Choosing feed that is kind rich in vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins is critical since grass quality decreases in the fall.

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Feeding Your Horse: 5 Horse Nutrition Tips and Advice for a Healthy Horse

Horse Eating - Horse Nutrition Tips

Keeping a horse well-fed is a big responsibility. To ensure nutritional balance, horse owners must understand all the ins and outs of their horse’s nutritional needs.

Above all else, we want your horse to be getting the right food when they need it. Just like us humans, your horse is what they eat. To help you keep your horse happy, healthy, and active we’ve put together our top horse nutrition tips.

As always, if you have any questions about horse health, feel free to contact us. And remember, do not make any changes to your horse’s diet or routine before checking with your veterinarian.

Remember these 5 horse nutrition tips to help keep your horse healthy and active.

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3 Keys to Horse Health Care You Need to Know

Horse Health Care

Caring for a horse and knowing the ins and outs of horse health is a big responsibility. It’s important you know the essentials to horse health care – this knowledge benefits both your horse and you.

In this blog we detail 3 key essentials to horse health care. As always, please consult your veterinarian with any questions. Do not make any changes to your horse’s nutrition or exercise regimen without first consulting your veterinarian and horse trainer.

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Horse Hoof Care: What You Need to Know

Horse Hoof Care

Learn the facts on horse hooves and horse health

Ensuring your horse has healthy, strong, and well-cared for hooves is an essential part of horse ownership and riding. However, we understand that caring for your horse’s hooves can be overwhelming.

In this blog we give you knowledge you need about horse hoof basics, common horse hoof problems, and four essentials to good horse hoof care. As always, discuss horse hoof care with your farrier, veterinarian, and trainer. When in doubt – ask questions!

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How to Care for your Senior Horse – Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Senior Horse Health

Senior Horse Care

Keeping your senior horse in the best shape requires specialized care at every stage of their life. When caring for an older horse, a good balance of regular exercise, strategic nutrition, and weight management are extremely important. Senior horse health involves everything from hoof care to joint support to regular farrier visits to dental exams.

These top senior horse health tips can help you ensure you’re providing your older horse with an optimum quality of life.

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