Calming Nervous Horses

….  trying to get your head around the thorny issue of horse calming supplements.

The air has turned cold and your horse has way too much energy when you ride.  How can you calm him down? He snorts, jigs, and spooks at every little thing, making your mounted work a real challenge, not to mention dangerous!  You’ve already tried cutting back on his grain but that doesn’t seem to help and after all, its winter and he needs the added calories to stay warm.  You dutifully start longeing before you ride to take some of the bucks out and help calm his energy – but, it really doesn’t solve the problem completely.

Isn’t there some type of calming supplement you can give your horse that works to help settle him down and keep his attention?

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We did extensive research on calming ingredients before creating Grand Calm to be careful to include only ingredients that would not violate FEI restrictions and still be effective.

In Grand Calm we have used three ingredients, all FEI legal and confirmed through extensive research to offer the solution to what can be frustrating and often misunderstood information regarding popular calming ingredients. Magnesium and Thiamine have been quite well documented for some time in helping to promote relaxation but their inclusion does not make Grand Calm unique in this category. We read a lot of interesting research on L-theanine and we were already using it our dog formula, Grand Tranquility. We received so much positive feedback that, on deciding to introduce our equine calming formula, Grand Calm, we knew that we had found an ingredient that worked exceptionally well based on research and especially from extensive positive feedback for not only calming behavior, but keeping the focus keen at the same time.

L-theanine is actually derived from the Camellia Sinensis or in layman’s terms tea. Ask any Englishperson what is the first thing they do when there is a crisis to try to stay calm and it is to make a pot of tea.

L-theanine technically affects the alpha brain waves that causes a relaxed but alert mental state.

Grand Calm offers a synergistic approach to creating a calm and focused horse with the added benefit of also being extremely affordable compared to the Perfect PrepTM calming products which provide extremely limited label information claiming “proprietary” formulas.


We have always believed passionately in providing full disclosure of all active ingredients and their levels per serving. As a consumer, you should have complete and full disclosure-information in order to make an informed choice as to which product will work best for your horse or pet.

Riding and preparing your horse for a casual trail ride, exercise and training, or participating in a show should be fun for you and your horse. A hard to handle, spooky, stressed out horse will quickly ruin your enjoyment and affect the outcome of your ride or performance. Try Grand Calm and you’ll experience a different horse that will stay quiet and focused for your riding pleasure.