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Learn about NANOFLEX™, biolubrication, and nanotechnology

NANOFLEX - Joint Support
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We are excited to announce NANOFLEX is now available to buy. NANOFLEX is our latest joint product.

This revolutionary new joint product provides horse, cat, and dog joint health and support.

We sat down with Nick, the Grand Meadows CEO, to get the facts on NANOFLEX. Read on to learn how and why NANOFLEX is a completely new approach to joint support.

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Q: Where did the idea for a new joint support product come from?

Nick: Back in 2016 I was giving a lecture to Equine Science students at the Royal Agricultural University in England and heard, from the Head of the Department, about a new joint therapy they had just completed a study on. On learning a little bit more about the product I realized immediately it represented a completely new approach to joint support.

Q: Can you tell us how NANOFLEX works? What makes it different?

Nick: NANOFLEX is completely different from any other joint support product in 2 very distinct ways:

First, NANOFLEX is topical and is composed of Ultra Deformable Vesicle Sequessomes™ or UDVS. These are specially engineered fatty lipids that, through nanotechnology, change their shape to penetrate the skin and the synovial membrane of the particular joint where the product is applied.

Second, once inside the joint capsule,  the UDVS are deposited in their millions onto the cartilage surfaces providing a new source of biolubrication. This provides a “slippery” surface ensuring when the joint is compressed the two cartilage surfaces can move freely.

Q: What is nanotechnology?

Nick: Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across all the other science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering.

Q: What is biolubrication?

Nick: Biolubrication plays a crucial role in assisting the sliding contacts in many organs in the human body. Notable examples are the joints, the skin surface, the eye, the mouth and gastrointestinal tract, the lungs, and red blood cells.

Reduced lubrication leads to increases in friction and adhesion between the surfaces in contact, which may lead to the surfaces becoming stuck and wearing, ultimately leading to irritation, pain and trauma.

Joint lubrication involves a complex and adaptive set of lubrication mechanisms:

  1. The smoothness of the cartilage lining of the bone surfaces.
  2. Synovial fluid – a lubricating hydrogel of collagen fibrils.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid.
  4. Glycoproteins (lubricin) and water.
  5. A weeping mechanism by which joint pressure releases synovial fluid into the interspacing liquid film separating the cartilage surfaces.

Q: Who is NANOFLEX for?

Nick: NANOFLEX can be used on older horses, dogs and cats who may need extra support as they age, and their normal joint function starts to degrade.

Horses, in particular, through their various competitive disciplines, are subjected to repeated high stress movements on their joints and this can result in accelerated changes to the function of their joints.

Q: What kind of responses have you had from people using NANOFLEX?

Nick: Well, not to brag, but we’ve received extremely positive feedback from people using NANOFLEX. Here’s a sample of the emails I’ve received from people who received an early trial delivery of NANOFLEX:

I had an appointment scheduled to have my sacroiliac injected because of chronic issues. And then Nick from Grand Meadows called me, asking me about doing a trial on NANOFLEX. I was keen to see if this product would work as a way to maybe stop my needing my sacroiliac injected. Well, since using NANOFLEX on myself, I have canceled my appointment. I haven’t used it on my horses because I am hoarding it for me. I love it! I can’t wait for this product to launch so I can get more for my horses.” – Robyn Fisher, Trainer R Farms, Moor Park, CA

My trial with NANOFLEX was on two different horses both 18 years old. The first is a TB/Draft cross mare with heat in the SI joint or as some call it “Hunter’s Bump”. Within one week of starting NANOFLEX, the heat subsided and then the next week she began working and now moves more freely behind.

The second horse is an OTTB. We applied NANOFLEX to both hocks daily and noticed more flexibility in both hocks after 7 or 8 days and are now planning to continue instead of hock injections!” – Cathy Schreiber, Owner/Trainer Cathy’s Riding Instruction and Training, Tucson AZ

 “We tried the NANOFLEX sample over a period of three weeks on two different horses with different ages and backgrounds. In both cases there was a significant reduction in stiffness in both horses. I love NANOFLEX!” – JJ Lavieri, USHJA Certified Trainer/Grand Prix Rider, Lebanon, CT

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Q: Can you explain NANOFLEX in two sentences?

Nick: NANOFLEX offers a completely different non-invasive solution to joint support with its innovative nanotechnology-driven topical delivery system.

Inside the joint capsule NANOFLEX addresses joint support with a groundbreaking new approach providing enhanced biolubrication and protection of the cartilage surface itself.

Q: What is the key message you want people to understand about horses and joint support?

Nick: If you ride in a competitive discipline, recognize the variety of movements cause significantly more stress on the joints and soft tissues.

The earlier steps are taken to offer additional support for the joints, the better the chances of maintaining healthy joint function over time.

We’re super excited to be bringing this new joint product to you. We really do believe NANOFLEX will change the way you approach joint support.

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