Science Tip: Prebiotics – Simplified

Most of us are familiar about with Probiotics and their importance with keeping your horse’s digestion healthy and stable. You may not be so familiar with Prebiotics. They were first identified and named by Marcel Roberfroid in 1995.

“A prebiotic is a selectively fermented ingredient that allows specific changes, both in the composition and/or activity in the gastrointestinal microflora that confers benefits upon host well-being and health.”

U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

Prebiotics is a general term to refer to a compounds that induce the growth and activity of microorganisms like enzymes, bacteria and fungi, thereby increasing the population of healthy bacteria, or “good bugs” that provide a food source to increase these beneficial hind gut organisms that not only help the overall digestion process by easily breaking down fiber and protein, but also improve your horse’s immunity. Prebiotics make sense to feed and improve your horse’s well-being. Learn more about the science behind horse digestion.

Horse Gut Illustration

Diamond V is a fully fermented prebiotic stable yeast culture that works as a perfect food source, supplying a long list of beneficial enzymes and bacteria to the small and large intestine. It boosts the breakdown of fibrous feed digestion and stabilizes pH to safeguard the stomach lining against excess gastric acid. Diamond V also provides mannooligosaccharides which are crucially important in bacteria scavenging in the small intestine.

The efficient function of the large intestine is also critical in helping support the immune system as B vitamins are produced there. In addition, the production of Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA’s), which are responsible for as much as 30% of the horse’s energy and stamina, are contingent on the healthy function of the hind gut.

The Grand Meadows Grand Digest formula was designed to support and protect to reduce the risk of toxins, maintain a healthy digestive tract, and maintain healthy levels of gut flora and correct pH levels in your horse’s gut.

Grand Meadows Horse Digestion Supplement

by Nick Hartog

In 1994, Nick Hartog became an owner and President of Grand Meadows Equine Supplements bringing his talents and extensive background in domestic and international equine sales and manufacturing. He has a reputation for plain speaking of the truth. In 1997, when the US horse supplement market was something akin to the Wild West with a complete lack of standards, Nick personally tested 32 different horse joint supplements to see if they matched the label. Unsurprisingly, to him at least, only 2 products matched the label claim. Read more...