Tina Caldwell & Groom Mario Gonzales Win at Dressage Affaire

Tina Caldwell & Mario Gonzales

Grand Meadows VIP rider and trainer Tina Caldwell was on hand at last weekend’s Dressage Affaire and was captured in this photo with her groom, Mario Gonzales winning a whole new kind of award!

Crackerjack Productions, who manages this fun SoCal show, partnered with Shapley’s Grooming Products and Pro Equine Grooms to sponsor a class for Professional Grooms! With $350 in prizes, ribbons – and of course, bragging rights – it was a chance for those hard working behind-the-scenes-beloved grooms of ours to gain their moments in the sun.

Mario was honored for his outstanding care and preparation of Tina’s show horses, for which he presented his finest work with this gleaming, braided, groomed to the nines athlete and his magic ringside kit. Congratulations, Mario!

We are thankful to the owners in Tina’s barn, who trust Grand Meadows daily supplements to be part of their horses’ success – gleaming from the inside out!