Good Luck VIP Riders at The Event at Rebecca Farm CCI III Star!

We want to wish all our VIP riders and all those competing safe and successful rides at this weekend’s The Event at Rebecca Farm CCI III Star!

  • Auburn Brady
  • Rochelle Costanza
  • Avery Klunick
  • Robyn Fisher
  • Ingrid George
  • Camilla Mortensen
  • Dani Sussman
  • Bunnie Sexton
  • Jordan Linstedt
  • Tamra Smith

Watch this video to truly appreciate the scope of their course ride tomorrow! Wow – amazing!

From the Rebecca Farm website:

This is a summer not to be missed! We have added an international-level 3-star division, offering the most challenging cross-country course yet to be featured at Rebecca Farm. Unique shopping and eating opportunities are available at our Trade Fair and Food Court. The Event gets better every summer because of the efforts of so many people — from the wonderful community of volunteers, to all the riders from across the nation. Spectators are always free! We simply ask for a $5 parking donation to support Halt Cancer at X. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Rebecca Farm!

– Sarah Broussard, Event Organizer

by Nick Hartog

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