Peter Claydon and Jazzi at the 2015 Tevis Cup

Guest article from Peter Claydon, Endurance Rider.

Jazzi, (also known as Islandian Jazzi), an 11-year-old Arabian and I just completed the 100-mile Tevis Cup trail together, earning high marks at each vet check exam. This is my fourth Tevis Cup. The first one I completed in 2004 aboard Remy, where we also finished in the top 16 in 2012 and 2013 with equally high vet marks.

The Tevis Cup is the most demanding and challenging endurance race in the world, and typically fewer than 50% of horse and rider teams finish. Vets throughout the trail pull any horse that has even the slightest lameness or metabolic problem.

This year was the 60th anniversary, and it was no exception. Of 200 horses at the start, only 90 finished. Jazzi came in 31st place, which was in itself a tremendous achievement. But even more impressive were the high vet scores he was given at every vet check throughout the day and through the night. Jazzi also “pulsed down” to criteria heart rates set by the race veterinarians, typically much faster than other horses, and was thus released quickly to continue down the trail. By the way, this trail has approximately 42,000 ft. of elevation change.

Jazzi has been taking Grand Meadow supplements since I acquired him three years ago. Last year he earned second place for our regional “Best Condition” award. I know his success at the Tevis Cup, like the “Best Condition” award, is in large part due to the quality and effectiveness of Grand Meadow supplements. His pasture mate, Remy, has three Tevis Cup completions for the same good reason!

Thank you Grand Meadows team for your support of all our horse’s wellbeing in one of the toughest tests of equine ability.