Fireside Chat – Episode 15 – EMS and Cushings Supplements

EMS and Cushings Supplements

In Episode 15 of the Grand Meadows Fireside Chat Video Series, we wanted to talk about two of the issues affecting horses a great deal these days – Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and Cushings.

At Grand Meadows, we believe that the growing problems with these two diseases can be directly attributed, in many cases, to feeding too much grain and the non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) and sweetening agents they contain. We strongly advise horse owners to reconsider their horse’s diet when grain is representing a significant percentage of the horse’s daily ration. We are also speaking out against the supplements being pushed on horse owners claiming to be a resolution for these diseases.

There is not a “supplement” solution to EMS or Cushings other than adjustments to diet from restricting access to pasture, switching from grain to fats for calories and feeding a vitamin/mineral supplement to allow for any missing nutrients that were being fed in a sugar and NSC rich grain product.

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Fireside Chat Video 15
EMS and Cushings Supplements

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