Fireside Chat – Episode 17 – Why Grand Premium Plus Is The Best Comprehensive Horse Supplement

Best Comprehensive Horse Supplement

In our latest fireside chat episode, Nick is standing in front of our really really big fireplace. He’s staying warm while social distancing. In past episodes Nick focused on many topics relative to the health of your horse. In this episode Nick focuses on a Grand Meadows horse supplement product for the first time.

In this fireside chat Nick covers the following:

  • How using too many supplements together can upset mineral ratios and cost you too much money.
  • Grand Meadows Grand Premium Plus was created as an optimal comprehensive supplement solution for performance horses. It is higher quality and more comprehensive than other supplements available. The goal is to simplify how you supplement your horses and save you money.
  • Grand Premium Plus is only sold direct to save you money.
  • We’re so convinced, Nick reviews how Grand Premium Plus compares with the competition. Review our comprehensive horse supplement comparison chart.
  • The product also tastes great. Your pickiest eaters will love it. Nick puts it to the test and tastes for himself.

You and your horse will love the results and the money saved by using our comprehensive product. Try Grand Premium Plus today!

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Fireside Chat – Episode 17 – The Really Really Big Fireplace

by Nick Hartog

In 1994, Nick Hartog became an owner and President of Grand Meadows Equine Supplements bringing his talents and extensive background in domestic and international equine sales and manufacturing. He has a reputation for plain speaking of the truth. In 1997, when the US horse supplement market was something akin to the Wild West with a complete lack of standards, Nick personally tested 32 different horse joint supplements to see if they matched the label. Unsurprisingly, to him at least, only 2 products matched the label claim. Read more...