Inside the Grand Meadows Price Increase 

Learn why we had to raise our prices

We want you to understand why prices for everything – groceries, gas, horse care, and household goods are increasing.  

You’ve likely read articles about the supply chain and the global shortage of products and materials. 

Well, this shortage is affecting businesses like ours. And this is driving our costs up.  

As you know, we don’t like price increases. In fact, we’ve only increased prices for Grand Meadows products once in the last 7 years. We’re very proud of this track record.  

And this is why we want you to understand why there is a price increase as of January 1, 2022: 

  • Demand is outpacing supply. A trickle-over from the pandemic is the challenge in getting goods, materials, and supplies delivered to the United States. This is driving up supply and shipping costs. 
  • The cost of bringing a container ship from China to California has quadrupled in the last 6 – 9 months. 
  • It’s very difficult to source the ingredients we need to make Grand Meadows supplements. This historical low in ingredient availability has forced prices to skyrocket. For example, the price of flax meal has doubled, and the price of glucosamine is 68% higher. 

Unfortunately, we’re caught in the middle of two very challenging realities – supply chain chaos and tenuous farming and growing conditions.  

This means the cost of producing, researching, and shipping Grand Meadows supplements has increased beyond anything we’ve experienced in the past. 

For more on why we’re increasing our prices, listen to Nick explain the forces at work beyond our control. 

We thank you for being part of the Grand Meadows community. As always, your horse’s health is our top priority. Please contact us with any questions about our products.