CIC 3-Star Division Winners From the 13th Annual Event at Rebecca Farm

James Alliston holds on to second and Jordan Linstedt leaps to third

KALISPELL, MONT. (July 27, 2014) – After three days of tense competition, Matthew Brown and Blossom Creek Foundation’s chestnut Irish sport horse “Super Socks BCF” completed a perfect round of show jumping and earned a final score of 54.5 at The Event at Rebecca Farm. Great Britain’s James Alliston remained in second place with his bay Thoroughbred “Mojo” after being docked 12 jump penalties for a final score of 69.4. Climbing from 6th place after Friday’s dressage, to 4th place after cross-country, and finishing in 3rd place after Sunday’s show jumping, Jordan Linstedt rode her bay Hanoverian Revitavet Capato to a final score of 70.5. She received eight jump penalties and no time penalties, and shared in $30,000 worth of cash prizes with the top 6 riders.

For Jordan Linstedt, Sunday’s show jumping landed her on the podium for the first time all weekend. “It’s been fun every day to move up a few spots,” said Linstedt, smiling. “Revitavet Capato didn’t have the best dressage that he could, or he could be up there at the top. But, I’m really pleased with his performance, especially because he is still a bit green at this level. He ran really well yesterday—big and bold, was everywhere I needed him to be—and if I made a mistake, he was there to make up for it. Also, he’s been show jumping better and better the past year, and really tried hard today to be careful. He had a couple of little bobbles, but felt amazing and was a fun horse to jump.” The elite CIC 3-Star show jumping course measured 540 meters, with 12 fences and 15 jumping efforts, and was crafted by Richard Jeffrey, a course designer from England. Jeffrey has designed courses at Burghley Horse Trials in Lincolnshire, England and The Rolex Kentucky, in Lexington, KY—perhaps the two most prestigious eventing competitions in the world.

Top CIC*** Final Results

1) #72 – Matthew Brown – Super Socks BCF – Company Blossom Creek Foundation owner – 54.5.

2) #75 – James Alliston – Mojo – James Alliston owner – 69.4.

3) #81 – Jordan Linstedt – Revitavet Capato – Jordan Linstedt owner – 70.5.

4) #83 – Hawley Bennett-Awad – Gin & Juice – Linda Paine and Hawley Bennett owners – 77.9.

5) #66 – Barbara Crabo – Eveready – Barbara Crabo owner – 78.4.

6) #77 – John Michael Durr – Esprit De La Danse – Ruth Bley owner – 89.3.

7) #71 – Maddy Mazzola – Mojito – Maddy Mazzola owner – 96.9.

8) #82 – Bunnie Sexton – Rise Against – Bunnie Sexton owner – 97.9.

9) #73 – Anna Collier – Gleaming Road – Anna Collier owner – 99.0.

10) #70 – Jennifer McFall – High Times – Jennifer McFall – 105.4.

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