VIP Story: Peter Claydon & Remy

After early success in both Dressage and Competitive Trail Riding, Remy began his career in endurance racing in 2003. He has proved to be a truly remarkable athlete having achieved success at every distance from 25 to 100 miles. Of 72 completed races, he has 52 top ten finishes (including 16 first place finishes) and 3 Tevis Cup 100 mile finishes. Last year, 2013, he received the Arabian Horse Association Region 2 Platinum Level award for 10 completed races and also the AERC Decade Award for 10 years of successful endurance racing.

During his long career he has recovered from two serious Suspensory Ligament injuries. Throughout his entire career with his rider and owner Dr. Peter Claydon, he has been supported by Grand Meadows supplements.

“I am very grateful to Grand Meadows and their products. They have not only contributed significantly to Remy’s many successes, but have been immensely important in his successful rehabilitation following severe injury.”

~Dr. Peter Claydon


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