Ready, Set, Show…

The season is upon us and whether you show locally for fun or you’re chasing points to qualify, what you get out of your horse largely depends on what you put in.   While there is no substitute for hard work and training, supplements can be a big part of your horse’s successful program.  The right supplements can help support his health and well-being and tip top health fuels better performance so you can bring home those blue ribbons!

We all know that a clear round doesn’t come in a bottle, and you can’t spray on a collected canter.  The best results for riding and showing your horse comes from months (usually years) of dedication and preparation.  So why is it that so many of us wait until the day before the show to start thinking about our horse’s coats?

Countdown to SHINE – The ultimate WOW factor…

Just like with your training program, it’s important to start with a solid foundation.  Your horse’s coat is like a mirror with what you feed your horse will reflect back to his coat, mane and tail.   To outshine your competitors, why not include a high quality coat supplement?   This is the easiest and most economical way to get a standout glossy coat for a “show ring shine”.

For a long time, riders fed corn oil.   Oil or fat will make your horse shiny.  However,  problem with corn oil is it is very low in Omega 3, an anit-imflammatory and very high in Omega 6, a pro-inflammatory which can put the body in a chronic state of inflammation, and create a negative impact on cellular health throughout the body.

Stabilized Flax Meal – a better choice….

The best source of fat comes from stabilized flax meal because of the high concentration of the essential fatty acids (EFAs).  The horse’s body does not product EFAs, such as Omega 3 & 6 so they need to be supplemented through the diet.  Flax meal contains one of the highest concentrations of EFAs with the ideal, correct ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6.  Yes, Omega 6 is important, but at  lower levels and the right ratio to Omega 3.  Supplying your horse with essential fatty acids will not only promote a healthier, more resilient skin coat, it will help protect your horse’s skin from bacteria and infections all resulting in an added boost to your horse’s coat shine.  The other added bonus to supplementing with EFA’s, particularly Omega 3, it helps fight inflammation throughout your horse’s body – a win-win for your competitive, gorgeous horse partner!

Grand Coat’s quadruple premium formula works quickly to deliver breathtaking colors, glossy coats, and help produce a lustrous mane and tail.  Grand Coat contains a premium source of Omega Fatty Acids from heat stabilized flax meal by ENRECO®  (so no rancidity so common with coat supplements).  Grand Coat’s formula using ENRECO® is not only a fortified ground flax meal but is combined with effective added co-factors which are so important.    What really sets Grand Coat apart from all other coat supplements….Lecithin, which supplies phospholipids, a vital requirement for helping enhance healthy skin and a deeper,  improved shiny coat color.