Fireside Chat Video 6 – Joint Supplement Wrap-Up

Fireside Chat Episode 6 - Horse Joint Supplement Wrap-Up

In our final joints video I wanted to summarize some of the key elements discussed in the previous joint videos and to identify the key takeaways I hope you can get from this part of the series. One is that it is not necessary to always start with the products that have the highest levels and the most active ingredients as that may be more product than your horse needs and it seems silly to waste the extra money when you could achieve good results by using more of an entry level type joint supplement. We are strong proponents of using joint supplements, if you are in a high performance riding discipline, as a way of providing the extra nutritional support the joints may need in much the same way as people generally use supplements, to help reduce the risk of issues later.

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Episode 6 – Joint Nutrients Wrap-Up