Cold Weather Triggers Your Horse’s Hair to Grow?!

Horse Muzzle with Snow in Winter

Does the cold weather really trigger your horse’s hair to grow?

Actually, your horse’s coat will start to grow when the amount of daylight decreases.  Your horse’s coat will also start to shed as the amount of daylight increases! 

Some barns choose to use this fact to change how their horses grow their coats, using barn lighting to create light before dawn and after dusk.  This prevents your horse from growing a winter coat, and it can alter a mare’s estrus cycle. 

by Nick Hartog

In 1994, Nick Hartog became an owner and President of Grand Meadows Equine Supplements bringing his talents and extensive background in domestic and international equine sales and manufacturing. He has a reputation for plain speaking of the truth. In 1997, when the US horse supplement market was something akin to the Wild West with a complete lack of standards, Nick personally tested 32 different horse joint supplements to see if they matched the label. Unsurprisingly, to him at least, only 2 products matched the label claim. Read more...