The 2015 Pan Am Games Are Almost Here

Pan Am Equestrian Games

Everyone I know is talking about Vegas. Ok, so the World Cup in particular, which is right around the corner. And that’s great. And pretty close. But what I am really excited about is the Pan American Games. Truly, here at Grand Meadows we can’t contain our enthusiasm.

We are so excited that one of our Sponsored Riders, Sabine Schut-Kery and Sanceo, have become serious competitors for a spot on the Pam Am Dressage to compete at the 2015 Pan Am Games to be held July 10 through 26 in Toronto, Canada.  We are contemplating a field trip! The equestrian events will be held at the Caledon Equestrian Park in Palgrave.

This year Dressage will be held first from July 11 to 14, Eventing July 17 to 19, and Show Jumping July 21 to 25.

Although the U.S. teams have not been decided, our Dressage Team is going to have some big shoes to fill. In 2011, Americans set the record by earning the highest Dressage scores in the history of the games, and winning all Individual and Team Medals under Coach Anne Gribbons. Overall, the USA has brought home the most medals in 14 of the 16 games!

This first Pan Am games was held in 1951 in Buenos Aires and the Equestrian Competition has always been included. The Equestrian portion of the Games is run under the direction of the Federation Equestrian International (FEI), while the Games themselves are governed by the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO).

To participate in the Games, a country must have established a National Olympic Committee (NOC) recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and affiliated with the PASO.  All competitors must be nationals of the country they represent.

Forty-one nations from North, South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean, will send more than 7,000 athletes to compete in 36 different sports – the same sports that are recognized in the Summer Olympics held the following year. They may also contain sports not recognized in the Olympics if sanctioned by the PASO. Only 12 athletes from each country can compete in a Pan Am Games across the board of the different sports. This will be the third time Canada has hosted a Pan Am games, but the first for Toronto.

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