Injections??  Oral Joint Supplementing?   How can I afford to do both?? !!

Using both oral and injectable joint support can certainly get expensive.  However, this is absolutely the most comprehensive approach to delivering maximum joint health for severe joint problems.   Good news is,  Grand Premium Plus is very affordable – with the highest level of joint ingredients and half the price of any leading brand!

No worries, now you can afford both!

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Tales of the Best Equestrian Highlights of the 2016 Rio Olympics

I never watch TV or any sports for that matter. This year was different. I watched literally four hours a day of the Equestrian games. I have complained sadly during past Olympics with the lack of equestrian event broadcasts. This year was superb, albeit they still didn’t broadcast through live national television. However, NBC did present an outstanding online, easy access live streaming as well as providing links to your local cable tv station for easy watching of all the events including full coverage of the equestrian games. It was thrilling to watch so many incredibly talented riders and their horses compete from countries we don’t ever get a chance to see. I am sure you agree that the 2016 Rio Olympic Equestrian Games was truly fantastic and thank you, NBC for outstanding coverage of all events.

Here’s the top highlights I’d like to share…..remember, to keep your horse in top shape to “Stay Competitive” with Grand Meadows products … investing in your horse’s long-term future health and performance. Continue reading “Tales of the Best Equestrian Highlights of the 2016 Rio Olympics” »

Your horse did what?

So lucky you, you got the crazy mare, you lunge her, lower the carbs in the diet, offer a prayer to various deities and yet when you want her to do the work she acts like she is on crystal meth.

Hmmm how do we fix this? If I had a dollar for every rider who has come up to me at shows over the years with similar stories, I would be lying on a beach on a tropical isle with a drink with an umbrella in it.

Here’s the problem – there are a lot of reasons why your horse can present an attitude that is akin to Genghis Khan, when he is having a bad day. Many experienced trainers will adamantly state that it is the owner’s fault, that the horse is not being managed correctly hence the wack job personality. We would agree sometimes that may be the case. Continue reading “Your horse did what?” »

7 Tips for Picking the Right Trainer for Your Horse

Beyond anything else, as trainers and guardians of these horses we are so privileged to work with, it is our responsibility to put their welfare above all else. And as Owners and Amateur riders it is YOUR responsibility to “vet” the professionals you entrust your horses to. I have had too many horses come into my program that have been failed by their people. Sometimes out of ignorance but sometimes it comes from a place that has no excuse- greed, impatience, anger and vindictiveness. If you are considering sending your horse to a trainer, a sales barn, etc….please do your homework. I’ve compiled a list of seven things to consider but there are probably(definitely) more. Continue reading “7 Tips for Picking the Right Trainer for Your Horse” »

Supplement Regrows Horse’s Amputated Leg in 3 Days

It wasn’t so long ago in the US that I would have not been surprised to see a claim like that. There are still plenty of ads for human supplements out there making all kinds of outrageous claims. The fact is that supplements are not drugs, they don’t work like a lightbulb but to our amazement many people will still kiss a frog and expect it to turn into a Prince. Continue reading “Supplement Regrows Horse’s Amputated Leg in 3 Days” »