Your Senior Horse Guide

Senior Horse Care

This is your reliable resource for all aspects of senior horse care and health

The good news is that horses are living longer. It’s not uncommon for horses to live well into their 30’s.

And just like us humans, your horse has new concerns and issues as they age. While you can’t stop your horse form aging, you can do a lot to lessen the impacts of age-related conditions.

In this senior horse guide, we’ve pulled together our top resources on senior horse health, care, and management – we want you to have easy access to trusted content about your senior horse.

Before making any changes to your horse’s diet, exercise routine, or medication, please consult your veterinarian.

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Your Healthy Horse Guide

9 Signs of a Healthy Horse

This complete guide to having a healthy horse is your go-to healthy horse resource.

Your horse relies on you for every aspect of their health and wellness. Because of this, you have a very special connection with your horse.

Just as your horse responds to your mood, body signals, and how you behave around them, you need to be in-tune with your horse and the signals they’re giving you. These signals are your horse’s way of telling you when they’re stressed, happy, not feeling well, or even when they want some alone time.

We know this can feel intimidating – and this is exactly why we created this healthy horse guide.

In this guide we share with you everything we know about caring for and supporting your horse.

Above all else, know that there is a fantastic horse community out there, ready to help you with any questions or concerns you have about your horse and their health. Be sure to read our profiles with horse trainers Dani Sussman and Lynn Acton.

Use this healthy horse guide to learn about:

  • What a healthy horse is – including 9 signs of a healthy horse and how to check your horse’s temperature, pulse, and respiration rate
  • Getting to know your horse’s body – including 5 things you need to know about horse teeth, horse hoof care tips, and how to give your horse a healthy coat
  • The importance of horse joint health – including the what, how, and why of horse joint supplements and how to naturally support horse joint health
  • The science of horse health – including learning how joints function, the facts on hoof and coat health, and understanding horse digestion and immunity
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How To Care for Your Senior Horse: Learn the essentials to senior horse management

Managing the Senior Horse

Learn about common senior horse health concerns and what you need to know

Horses are living longer and enjoying a high quality of life as they age. Gone are the days when a 15-year-old horse was old! Now horses are living into their 20’s and 30’s.

This is fantastic – but what does this mean for you and your horse? How do you care for a horse in their 30’s? What does a 20-year-old horse need? How can you be proactive and help prevent any age-related issues from becoming serious conditions for your horse?

In this blog we drill down into how to care for your senior horse:

  • 6 common senior horse health concerns
  • Strategies for senior horse care
  • 6 things you need to know about senior horse care

As always, please do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian with any questions about your horse’s health. Do not make any changes to your horse’s nutrition, exercise, or routine without discussing this with your veterinarian. This is especially important for senior horses.

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Horse First Aid Basics You Need to Know

You love your horse and want the very best for them. Along with paying attention to their hoof and coat health, staying on top of their nutrition and hydration, you also need to be ready for any surprise injuries, accidents, and wounds.

Having a horse first aid kit and understanding the basics of horse health is the best first step in ensuring your horse remains in good health.

Please remember that a horse first aid kit is not a replacement for professional veterinarian care and advice. Always contact your veterinarian whenever your horse is ill or injured. A horse first aid kit is helpful in providing immediate care and treatment for injuries and wounds – but please ensure you follow-up with your veterinarian.

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Grand Meadows Busts 9 Winter Horse Care Myths

Winter Horse Care Myths

Know the real facts on how to care for your horse in the winter

To blanket or not to blanket? How do horses feel the cold? Do horses need more water in the winter? Horses don’t need as much food in the winter – yes or no?

These are just some of the winter horse care questions we get asked. We get it, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there about how to care for your horse in the winter.

In this blog, we do our best to bust 9 of the most common winter horse care myths. Keep reading to learn the facts and truth on what your horse really needs in the winter.

As always, please consult your veterinarian about any new behaviors, symptoms, or changes in your horse.

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