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Grand Tranquility for Dogs


Helps Promote Relaxation Without Drowsiness

Promotes Relaxation and Helps Reduce Hyper Activity

  • Helps Reduce Irritability
  • Maintains Normal Disposition
  • Behavior Problem Management
  • Stress From Hospital Travel that may cause anxiousness
  • Helps Keep Your Pet Relaxed but Alert

Beef Flavored Chewable Wafers

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The Science Behind Grand Tranquility

Grand Tranquility is the only natural pet relaxation wafer to combine L-Theanine with other proven ingredients to help keep your dog more relaxed.



Product Facts

150 mg
Thiamine B1
40 mg
Pyridoxine B6
25 mg
25 mg
20 mg
15 mg
Folic Acid
2 mg

Weight .5 lbs