Simplicity and Affordability

Welcome to the most comprehensive equine supplement on the planet. As the supplement market has become more and more saturated, we continue to hear from consumers how overwhelmed they are with the bewildering array of choices. Grand Premium Plus was developed to provide a solution to this dynamic and to simplify your supplement program by offering complete nutritional support in one product. We also recognized that it was imperative to not only provide a fantastic formula but that we needed to make it affordable and we have priced Grand Premium Plus substantially lower than competitive products.


We have conducted long term field trials of Grand Premium Plus and have been overwhelmed with the consistent positive testimonials we have received ranging from the palatability of the product to the broad and measurable benefits that professional riders and trainers have experienced during these trials. This unwavering level of positive feedback allows us to have the confidence to state unequivocally that Grand Premium Plus will outperform any other supplement on the market. This may seem like an arrogant statement but we have been in this business since 1983, we have seen it all and we know this is not an idle statement. We encourage you to join the ever growing number of satisfied customers who love the simplicity, effectiveness and affordability of this ground breaking product.



The Choice of Champions

Heather.Blitz.Pan Am Lap-GPP

“My horses have an extra edge on Grand Meadows products that you can see in their performance through their vitality and vibrancy. I’ve used their products since my European Grand Prix tour in 2008. Grand Premium Plus is definitely a “plus” to their feeding program. I trust all their products completely to give the best nutritional support for the youngsters and our competing stallions, Ripline and Paragon. My horses are flourishing and definitely benefit from the Grand Meadows supplement program.”

Heather Blitz
2012 US Olympic Team Reserve 
Team Gold – WEG 
Individual Silver – PanAm Games


“I am most impressed with how quickly the young horses have bloomed since I began feeding Grand Premium Plus. All my horses have more muscle and their coats have a metallic sheen that glistens – they really look fit – my horses are staying on it!”

Smoky Pritchett
NRCHA Hall of Fame

Allison Kroff

“I have been using Grand Premium Plus for the last two years on both my Grand Prix horses. Since I have started I have seen positive changes in both horses. They retain their stamina and soundness throughout all their competition weeks. My horses look well turned out – shiny and healthy – I will always feed Grand Meadows products for all my horses.”

Allison Kloff
International FEI Grand Prix Trainer

trapperrodgers copy

“My horses are competing better than ever, running hard and fast at the cows as well as stopping harder. It is tough on all their joints, particularly their hocks – Grand Premium Plus has kept them on top of their game.”

Trapper Rodgers
NRCHA Pro Rider

Tamra Smith

“Since switching my horses to Grand Premium Plus, as well as all of the other fantastic supplements Grand Meadows offers, I have seen a dramatic difference in my horses overall health, and as a result, their performance. I refuse to compromise when it comes to the nutritional needs of the horses in my program, which is why I trust Grand Meadows for all these years. Not only are their products made of the highest quality ingredients, but they are also available at a price you simply cannot beat. I would highly recommend everyone try Grand Meadows and experience the hands down best product on the market.”

Tamra Smith
ICP Level 4 Certified Instructor, Next Level Eventing

William Fox Pitt

“My horses have been competing on Grand Meadows supplements for many years . I have confidence in Grand Meadows to provide a supplement that helps them deal so successfully with the rigors of eventing to maintain my horse’s condition and enhance their performance. We highly recommend them with confidence and truly believe in them for many years.”

William Fox Pitt
Olympic Gold Eventing
FEI Ranked #1