Peter Claydon and Jazzi at the 2015 Tevis Cup

Guest article from Peter Claydon, Endurance Rider.

Jazzi, (also known as Islandian Jazzi), an 11-year-old Arabian and I just completed the 100-mile Tevis Cup trail together, earning high marks at each vet check exam. This is my fourth Tevis Cup. The first one I completed in 2004 aboard Remy, where we also finished in the top 16 in 2012 and 2013 with equally high vet marks.

The Tevis Cup is the most demanding and challenging endurance race in the world, and typically fewer than 50% of horse and rider teams finish. Vets throughout the trail pull any horse that has even the slightest lameness or metabolic problem.

This year was the 60th anniversary, and it was no exception. Of 200 horses at the start, only 90 finished. Jazzi came in 31st place, which was in itself a tremendous achievement. But even more impressive were the high vet scores he was given at every vet check throughout the day and through the night. Jazzi also “pulsed down” to criteria heart rates set by the race veterinarians, typically much faster than other horses, and was thus released quickly to continue down the trail. By the way, this trail has approximately 42,000 ft. of elevation change.

Jazzi has been taking Grand Meadow supplements since I acquired him three years ago. Last year he earned second place for our regional “Best Condition” award. I know his success at the Tevis Cup, like the “Best Condition” award, is in large part due to the quality and effectiveness of Grand Meadow supplements. His pasture mate, Remy, has three Tevis Cup completions for the same good reason!

Thank you Angela Slater and the Grand Meadows team for your support of all our horse’s wellbeing in one of the toughest tests of equine ability.

A Note of Thanks from Sabine Schut-Kery

Guest post from Sabine Schut-Kery.

Sanceo is finally settling back in at home after our amazing trip to Europe! A huge thank you to United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and USET for this opportunity to the U.S. riders! Jenny Van Wieren Page, Hallye Griffin, and Dr. Mitchell, thank you for taking such good care of us and our horses! The support from everyone on this trip was incredible and everyone was in great Team Spirit and made this trip so fun!

Robert Dover and Debbie McDonald, you both rock as always. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and encouragement! I learned so much in so many ways! I am beyond thrilled that Sanceo and I made it on the U.S. Team for the upcoming Pan Am Games in Toronto.

There is a whole team behind this that I am so grateful AND thankful to. Dr Mike Heitmann AND Alice Womble and everyone at Horsegate Ranch, you have believed in us from the very beginning! Carmelin Zavala, the best groom ever, who has cared for Sanceo since he came to me as a three-year-old. Jackie Rogers and Angela Garfinkel, for keeping everything organized at home! My long time coach, trainer and friend Christine Traurig, who has guided us every step along our journey!

My vet, farrier and physical therapist, who keep Sanceo in world class condition! A heartfelt thank you to Samira and Claudia, who helped me with Sanceo during this trip and in Munich and Achleiten! Steffen Peters and Johann Hinnemann Krüsterhof Hinnemann, who shared their valuable knowledge and insights during training sessions while we were at Gut Ising!

Thank you also to my sponsors, who enable me to provide the very best care and equipment for my horses and myself: Barbara Horseandrider, Samshield America, Grand Meadows, LUXE Heavenly Bodies, Custom Saddlery, MDC Stirrups and Hermes of Paris!

I have so many more friends who have touched my life and encouraged me along the way. I hope you know how much I appreciate you! Here are some more pics from our last show in Achleiten.

Dr. Peter Claydon: Jaazi Takes 2nd Place in Best Condition Standings

Guest article from Dr. Peter Claydon, Endurance Rider

This VERY shocking pink halter was recently awarded to Jaazi (AKA “Islandian Jaazi” ) for his second place finish in the Best Condition standings for all of 2014 among Pacific South endurance horses!

Last weekend he and another horse, “King,” tied for first place at the 50-mile Montana De Oro endurance race, setting a course record in the process. There were 32 starters.

He is all set to attempt the 60th running of the 100-meter Tevis Cup on August 1st. His achievements, equal to those of his now retired pasture mate, “Remy,” (AKA “Knight To Remember”) are in no small way thanks to the invaluable addition of Grand Meadows supplements to his daily rations. I am sure that these, as well as good conditioning and practicing, keep our horses in tip top shape.

Thank you, Angela Slater, for introducing me to your impressive and very competitively priced Grand Meadows supplements when we started endurance racing over 11 years ago. The care that Grand Meadows takes in ensuring their purity during the manufacturing process is also very reassuring.

Dr. Peter Claydon
Endurance Rider

“For overall health and results you can count on.”

Photo by Gina Pearson Photography

We are very proud to have Dani Sussman as a long-time customer and VIP Sponsored Trainer on our Team!

“Since starting Grand Meadows Grand Premium Plus, my horses look and feel amazing. They have less joint pain so I can train and keep them competing regularly, and their coats look so glossy that people are constantly asking what products I use. My farrier is always happy with their feet and the consistent quality of new hoof growth. For overall health and results that you can count on, Grand Meadows has you covered.”

-Dani Sussman

Dani Sussman has more than fifteen years of experience in Eventing, Dressage, and Hunter/Jumpers. Her main focus is on training competitive equestrians and young horses to be top-tier Eventing competitors. Dani’s professional equestrian career began in Northern California, where she first started working as a trainer and coach and where she became a respected rider and instructor.

As a Pony Club “A” graduate and because of her love for Pony Club, she was very active with many clubs in her area and did ratings through the C2 level. Dani then moved to Washington State, where she trained with two-time Olympian, Amy Tryon. For four years, Dani traveled with Amy across the U.S. and England, riding and grooming for the top event rider.

In 2013, Dani relocated to Larkspur, Colorado, and purchased the stunning 37-acre property where she now runs her own riding and training business, Aspire Eventing.

Hackneys Go to Giants Stadium

Guest Post from Jenni Haas, Charity Lee Kishineff, and two others

Last week we were included in a dry run at AT&T park to practice  delivering the three World Series Trophies and the trays of World Series rings to the Ring Ceremony. After three practice laps around the warning track, they decided the carriage wheels were too narrow and left impressions that they would not be able to fix before the game later that day.

My boys have had very little street work but have done Combined Driving Events which are just hold overs from the old days of driving in town and dealing with tight situations. Three points for a cone is nothing now compared to cement trucks and Porsches. Not to mention the metal grate bridge to and from the parking.

I am super proud of my Hackneys, Ricky and Nelson!

We have used Grand Meadows supplements since they were babies. Thank you, Grand Meadows, for healthy horses who can go anywhere.