Horse Joint Supplements – What? How? Why? Part 2

Horse Joint Supplements – What? How? Why? Part 2

In part 1 of our review of horse supplements we discussed more of a prophylactic approach to the feeding of horse joint supplements where one acknowledges that the age of the horse or the type of riding discipline pursued result in the horse being at risk and thus the feeding of a relatively basic horse joint supplement is a sensible option.

In part 2 of this series we get into the horses that are already exhibiting signs of stiffness, challenges with lead changes, puffiness around the joints etc.

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Introducing Our New Fireside Chat Video Series

Horse Supplement Reviews

We hear constantly from horse owners that the supplement market is overwhelming and confusing. In introducing the Fireside Video series we hope that we can provide you with accurate information about the various categories of supplements, what they can and can’t do and which ingredients are credible. We hope to engage with horse owners to answer their questions about what can be a very confusing subject. Continue reading