Injections??  Oral Joint Supplementing?   How can I afford to do both?? !!

Using both oral and injectable joint support can certainly get expensive.  However, this is absolutely the most comprehensive approach to delivering maximum joint health for severe joint problems.   Good news is,  Grand Premium Plus is very affordable – with the highest level of joint ingredients and half the price of any leading brand!

No worries, now you can afford both!

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Tales of the Best Equestrian Highlights of the 2016 Rio Olympics

I never watch TV or any sports for that matter. This year was different. I watched literally four hours a day of the Equestrian games. I have complained sadly during past Olympics with the lack of equestrian event broadcasts. This year was superb, albeit they still didn’t broadcast through live national television. However, NBC did present an outstanding online, easy access live streaming as well as providing links to your local cable tv station for easy watching of all the events including full coverage of the equestrian games. It was thrilling to watch so many incredibly talented riders and their horses compete from countries we don’t ever get a chance to see. I am sure you agree that the 2016 Rio Olympic Equestrian Games was truly fantastic and thank you, NBC for outstanding coverage of all events.

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Ready, Set, Show…

The season is upon us and whether you show locally for fun or you’re chasing points to qualify, what you get out of your horse largely depends on what you put in.   While there is no substitute for hard work and training, supplements can be a big part of your horse’s successful program.  The right supplements can help support his health and well-being and tip top health fuels better performance so you can bring home those blue ribbons! Continue reading

Healthy skin and a shiny coat are more than just a sign of a well-groomed horse.

Beauty is more than skin deep.   Your horse’s skin and coat form an important protective barrier against bacteria and infections. One of the key elements to support skin cell health and produce a “show ring shine” is feeding a high quality, stabilized flax meal high in essential fatty acids (EFAs). The horse’s body does not produce EFAs, such as Omega 3s and Omega 6s,  so they must be supplemented through the diet. Flax meal contains one of the highest concentrations of EFAs with the correct ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 and is important for various metabolic processes especially the regulation of inflammatory markers.

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Why Are Horse Supplements Important In The Modern Equine Diet?

One of the first questions that springs to mind is why are horse supplements important in the modern equine diet?

If you go back in time a hundred years, horses were living on large areas of pasture with a rich combination of grasses, herbs and other beneficial plants that provided them with a rich source of nutrients. Today the vast majority of horses are confined to small areas, many having no access to pasture whatsoever and are sustained by grass and legume hays and grain products. Continue reading