Fireside Chat Video 6 – Joint Supplement Wrap-Up

Fireside Chat Episode 6 - Horse Joint Supplement Wrap-Up

In our final joints video I wanted to summarize some of the key elements discussed in the previous joint videos and to identify the key takeaways I hope you can get from this part of the series. One is that it is not necessary to always start with the products that have the highest levels and the most active ingredients as that may be more product than your horse needs and it seems silly to waste the extra money when you could achieve good results by using more of an entry level type joint supplement. We are strong proponents of using joint supplements, if you are in a high performance riding discipline, as a way of providing the extra nutritional support the joints may need in much the same way as people generally use supplements, to help reduce the risk of issues later.

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Fireside Chat Video 5 – Joint Nutrients Hylauronic Acid and MSM

Fireside Chat 5 - Hylauronic Acid and MSM

In this episode we wanted to explain some details about Hylauronic acid and MSM. In the last ten years both of these ingredients have become commonplace in joint supplements. HA has long been used in injectable form but when the oral HA was introduced within a matter of months virtually every manufacturer had added HA to formulas or launched standalone HA products. While the idea behind adding HA makes perfect sense there are some question marks about its ability to be absorbed which are covered. MSM has been around quite a bit longer and is often fed alone for joint support which is not really using it the best or most effective way. MSM acts as a way of enhancing the delivery of nutrients through the body, acting as a sulfur source and co-factor for the activation of many other nutrients.

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Fireside Chat Video 4 – Glucosamine and Chondroitin – The Yin and Yang of Joint Supplements or Maybe Not

Glucosamine and Chondroitin - Yin and Yang of Horse Joint Supplements?

So this is the second of two videos, both of which address myths and realities of various joint support ingredients. I am hoping that, because of the rather critical way I have written about a couple of them, we can engender some comments or questions. I am trying with the videos to cover each topic as broadly as possible. There are 4 digestion videos for example, but I know that there lots of specific issues that may be missed, so I would encourage you to send questions or comments – perhaps how much you like the roaring fireplace behind me in the videos. It is my hope that  by hearing your questions and comments about various issues, we can transmit those answers to a broader audience.

Next blockbuster video deals with Hylauronic Acid and MSM I hope you will watch it and share.

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Fireside Chat Video 3 – Joints? Or Oh My God Where Do I Even Start?

Fireside Chat Video 3 - Joints or Oh My God Where Do I Start?

In our introduction to Joints, a supplement category serviced by a bewildering array of products now numbering in excess of 300, we discuss the physiology of the joint and the way problems can start to occur. How does the mammalian joint work and what are the functions of the various elements? In looking at this incredibly saturated marketplace, where every company’s products are the best for one reason or another according to the their particular marketing strategy. We start to try to define a practical approach to providing nutritional support for the hardworking joints of horses, which are being subjected to stress far beyond what they had naturally evolved to endure. Continue reading “Fireside Chat Video 3 – Joints? Or Oh My God Where Do I Even Start?” »

Fireside Chat Video 2 – Why Would You Believe Us?

Fireside Chat Video 2 - Why Believe Grand Meadows

In our second Fireside video we want to provide documentary evidence that Grand Meadows has been following a strict long term adherence to manufacturing standards previously non-existent in the animal health supplements industry. From years of random testing of our products by the Department of Agriculture in Florida showing 0.00% variation of label claim, our 96.7% score from our FDA audit and a letter from Dr. Wayne Mcilwraith, who is widely considered the foremost researcher in joint disease in horses, detailing the role that we have taken in leading the process of bringing accountability to an industry that was something akin to the Wild West. We were the founding equestrian supplement member of the National Animal Supplement Council (

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